The Biogalenys laboratory


Biogalenys’ area of activity

Biogalenys’ area of activity in relation to the execution of transmembrane permeation studies or bioanalysis is highly specialised and geared towards pharmaceutical or cosmetics clients. These clients, both start-ups and large global groups, invest heavily in studies for the development or validation of new products. They trust us to present results to regulatory bodies. These studies are therefore extremely important to the client and the quality of work provided by Biogalenys meets their expectations. 

Analyses carried out by Biogalenys

The analyses carried out at the request of cosmetics laboratories seeking an external partner for their quality control activities makes it possible for our clients to release their production lots. The key to the success of these studies rests on two essential elements: the speed with which we are able to obtain the results, and their reliability. Biogalenys is, in effect, an external cog in the industrial process that must under no circumstances be stalled.

Biogalenys service offerings

The two types of service offered by Biogalenys commit the client and the service provider to a relationship based on trust and dialogue within a demanding regulatory and normative environment that is continually evolving. Evolution through improvement is therefore a key feature.

Responsiveness, adaptability and the strength of Biogalenys’ propositions are what help the company stand out from its competitors.

To this end, we have chosen to regularly invest in latest generation equipment, have access to specialist service providers to maintain and check the equipment, and complete regular internal maintenance and training.